John Wall #NBAVote

“I’m one of the most complete point guards in the league…I rebound, I assist, play defense, steal, score. I don’t get why I’m overlooked. I’m still trying to figure it out.”

It’s been two years since John Wall expressed those feelings to the Washington Post, yet he probably still feels the same way. Maybe even more now, which he has all the right to. Wall has established himself as one of the premier point guards in the NBA, but there’s plenty of people that either disagree or have no idea what he does on a nightly basis.

Fresh off winning the Player of the Month award for December, the second year in a row doing so, Wall is easily playing the best ball of his career. His December play followed by receiving the Player of the Week award last week proves that there are very few players in the league doing what he’s doing.

So what’s his reward for putting up career highs in points, steals, field goal percentage, and free throw percentage per game? 7th in voting for guards in the Eastern Conference for the 2017 All Star Game on the first list of results. 87, 360 votes to be exact.

That number may sound respectable until you see other players on the list. When the difference of votes between Zaza Pachulia and John Wall is more than the total votes that Kawhi Leonard has received, it may be time to see for yourself what John Wall brings to the table.

That said, it makes sense why John Wall feels overlooked. He doesn’t have the luxury of playing in the national spotlight as much as Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, etc. If the Wizards had more ESPN or TNT games, you’d notice the fans in the arena cheering for the opposing team. Yes, even at the Verizon Center, which has to be frustrating; but that’s just more fuel to the fire for number 2. Washington suffered from a notably slow start to the season. Courtesy of Wall’s relentlessness, they have kept afloat in the playoff race. Regardless, Washington’s record shouldn’t take away from John Wall’s greatness. The point guard continues to be a double double machine and a top tier defender at his position.

Year in and year out, the NBA finds ways to showcase the league’s best talent in a variety of ways for All Star Weekend. The All Star Game is fast paced and the scoring outputs have increased each year since 2013, bringing the best out of all the players.

I’m voting for John Wall’s highlight real no-look passes. I’m voting for John Wall’s GIF-worthy 360 layups. I’m voting for John Wall’s dunk-contest-worthy dunks.

I’m voting for John Wall because he deserves it, more than you may know.


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